The building was built prior to 1812. It has been through out the years a home, trading post, hotel, store and of course a bar restaurant.

Stanley came from Europe fleeing from the Nazis in 1946, when he met Miley who was a WWII nurse, they married then open Stanley’s & Mileys cafe in 1946. Stanley past away in 1989, Miley sold it to Ed who kept it Stanley’s until he sold it to Deb Hess years later. Deb Hess kept it until she sold it to her cousin Ron & Cheryl Paris who then named it Paris Pub in 2006. Dave & Val Baker bought it from Paris in 2015, then took on rennervating the building back to the original wood work. The original massive hand cut hemlock beams are displayed in the bar celling. All of the over 100 year old wood that was able to be saved was reused in the rennervating of the building.

The building has seen over 100 years of changes from the horse and wagon of the 1800’s to the present time. Past owners, customers and employees say they have heard voices or seen things that they can’t explain. We can’t say for sure that the place is haunted but just take time to think of all the people who have been in here, lived here, past through here and all the changes the world went through since the building was built. Horse and wagon to the space shuttle and present time.

Dave & Val Baker just want to welcome you here to Stanley’s Trail Side, sit back enjoy the atmosphere & food or unwind on our outside seasonal deck. Thank you for coming to Stanley’s Trail Side.

Stanley’s Trail Side was voted #3 out of 10 for the best steaks in the Lancaster PA see the article here.

Respect the old but seek out the new!

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