The Story of Stanley’s

Stanley Buncich was a Yugoslavian immigrant who fled Europe at the beginning of WWII. He settled in Columbia where he worked at the Franklin House in return for room and board.

As construction began on the Pennsylvania turn pike, Stanley took a job as a cook for roadside workers. He was paid $7 a week, setting $5 aside to save for his future.

He married his sweetheart Miley from Clairton, and returned to the area to open Stanley’s & Miley’s Café in 1948.

Built prior to 1812, this building has been home to many family businesses, including a trading post, hotel, general store, and legacy of restaurants.

After Stanley’s passing in 1989, Miley sold the café. Ownership transferred through a few local families, from Ed Haugh, Deb Hess, and eventually Ron & Cheryl Paris. The Paris’ reopened the café as Paris Pub in 2006.

In 2015 Dave & Val Baker purchased Paris Pub, and reopened it as Stanley’s Trail Side, in honor of  the founding owners. They renovated the building back to its original character, restoring the 200 year-old woodwork and hand-cut hemlock beams above the bar.

Past owners, customers, and employees claim they have heard voices or seen things that they can’t explain.  We can’t say for sure that the place is haunted. Yet, if you take the time to think about all of the people who have lived and passed through here over generations, you can’t help but wonder.

Dave & Val welcome you to Stanley’s Trail Side! All of our food is prepared fresh for every order. We invite you to sit back enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere.

Thank you for joining us at Stanley’s Trail Side.

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